Salon Advance?

Question Answer
What is Symmetry A mirror image from a center point
This is the area of design where the eye is drawn to first Emphasis
Using horizontal lines will create width in the hair desisgn True
Describe a diamond face shape Narrow forehead extreme witdth through cheekbones and narrow chin
Describe the inverted triangle heart face shape Wide forehead narrow chin
The end of a hair strand that forms a complete circle for pin curls is the curl True
What creates a person's face shape Facial form created by individual bone structure and hairline
What is another name for scrunch wave Push waves
A non mirror image is asymmetry Trues
What is proportion How every part relates to the whole
If someone does not want to call attention to their long jawline how would you style their hair Add fullness below jawline to minimize jaw lenth
Yes guess would like to blow dry her curly hair maintaining the curl without frizz which tool would you suggest Defusser
Who would you perform a hardpress? Use a therma comb twice on each side of the hair shapt
Your guest has a large forehead and the picture she she shows you to do has the bangs up and back off the forehead what what would you suggest?

Bill of Rights

Question Answer
Amendment 1 freedom of speech, press, religion, assembly and peaceful protest
Amendment 2 right to bear arms. everyone is allowed a weapon.
Amendment 3 dona??t have a let soldiers live in your house
Amendment 4 No searches of body, house, car, papers etc without a warrant.
Amendment 5 No double jerpordy, you cana??t make anyone admit they are are guilty
Amendment 6 speedy and public trial
Amendment 7 a jury of peers
Amendment 8 cruel and unusual punishment
Amendment 9 just because not listed doesna??t limit other needed rights
Amendment 10 Left up to states and the people

1 Samuel-BB 2018 Chapter 13

Question Answer
1) How old was Saul when he began his reign? (13:1) Thirty years old
2) How long did Saul reign over Israel? (13:1) Forty Two years
3) How many men did Saul choose to go to war with the Philistines? (13:2) 3000
4) Where was Jonathan with his 1000 men? (13:2) Gibeah of Benjamin
5) How many chariots did the Philistines bring to war against Israel? (13:5) 3,000
6) How many charioteers did the Philistines bring to war against Israel? (13:5) 6,000
7) Where did the Philistines camp when they came up against Saul? (13:5) Michmash
8) How long did Saul wait for Samuel at Gilgal? (13:8) Seven days
9) What did Saul offer to the Lord when Samuel had not come? (13:9) The Burnt offering
10) When did Samuel come to Gilgal? (13:10) as soon as Saul finished the Burnt offering
11) After Samuel rebuked Saul at Gilgal, how many men did Saul count that were with him? About Six Hundred
12) Where were Saul and Jonathan staying while the Philistines camped at Michmash? (13:16) Geba of Benjamin
13) How many detachments of Philistines while they were at Mikmash? (13:17) Three
14) What could not be found in the land of Israel? (13:19) blacksmiths
15) How much did the Philistines charge to sharpen the plowshare, mattock, axe or hoe of the Israelites? (13:21) Two Thirds of a Shekel
How many men went to battle with Saul? 2000
What did Saul do as he let all Israel know he had attacked the Philistine outpost? Had the trumpet blown
What word is used to describe how the Philistines perceived the Israelites? Obnoxious
Why did the Philistines assemble 3,000 chariots, 6,000 charioteers, and soldiers as numerous as the sands on the seashore? To fight Israel
What did the Israelites do in response to the Philistine’s chariots, charioteers, and soldiers? Hid in many different places
What did Saul say made him feel compelled to offer a burnt offering at Gilgal? His men were scattering, The Philistines were assembling at Micmash and Samuel had not come at the set time
What would the LORD have done if Saul had kept the LORD’s commands? Established Saul’s kingdom over Israel for all time
What kind of a man did the LORD say he had sought out and appointed as ruler over his people when Saul did not keep his commands? A man after his (God’s) own heart
How had the Philistines prevented those living in Israel from having swords or spears? They did not allow blacksmiths in the land
Who did the Israelites have to go to to have their plow points and axes sharpened? The Philistines
Which Israelites had a sword and spear on the day of their battle with the Philistines? Saul and Jonathan
Where did each of the 3 Philistine detachments camped at Mikmash go? One turned toward Ophrah in the vicinity of Shual,18 another toward Beth Horon, and the third toward the borderland overlooking the Valley of Zeboyim facing the wilderness

Ls 2 diving in vo

Term Definition
line plot A display of data in which each data item is shown as an X above its value on a number line
distribution Spread of data
repeatable When someone follows the reported procedure they get similar results
replicate To run a procedure again and get the same results
trial One time through a procedure
precision How close together the measured values are
range The zone between the largest and smallest solution results
variation A wide spread of data

1 Samuel-BB 2018 Chapter 17

Question Answer
1) Where did Saul and the men of Israel camp when Goliath challenged them? (17:2) The valley of Elah
2) Who was the champion of the Philistines? (17:4) Goliath
3) Where was Goliath from? (17:4) Gath 4) How tall was Goliath? (17:4) Six cubits and a span
5) How much did Goliath's armor weigh? (17:5) 5000 shekels of bronze
6) How much did the head of Goliath's spear weigh? (17:7) 600 shekels of Iron
7) What did Goliath say would happen if the man who came out to him would kill him? (17:9) The philistines would become their servants
8) How many of Jesse's sons had gone to the battle? (17:13) Three
9) How many days did Goliath issue his challenge? (17:16) forty
10) What did Jesse send with David for his brothers? (17:17) an ephah of roasted grain and ten loaves
11) What did the men say Saul would give to the man who killed Goliath? (17:25) Great riches, His daughter, and his father's house would be free in Israel
12) Who accused David of coming down to see the battle and being wicked? (17:28) Eliab, his oldest brother
13) Who volunteered to fight Goliath? (17:32) David
14) What did David tell Saul he had fought before? (17:34) A lion and a bear
15) Who did David tell Saul would deliver him from the philistine? (17:37) The Lord
16) What did Saul give to David to fight in? (17:38) His own armor
17) Why did David say he could not fight in Saul's armor? (17:39) He had not tested them
18) What did David take with him to fight Goliath? (17:40) His stick. Five smooth stones, and his sling
19) What did Goliath say when David approached him? (17:43) Am I a Dog that you come at me with sticks?
20) What did David do with Goliath's sword? (17:51) Cut Goliath's head off
21) How far did the Israelites pursue the Philistines after Goliath was killed? (17:52) As far as the valley and the Gates of Ekron

1 Samuel-BB 2018 Chapter 18

Question Answer
1) Who is described as having his soul knit to David? (18:1) Jonathan
2) What did Jonathan make with David because he loved him? (18:3) A covenant
3) What did Jonathan give to David when he made the covenant? (18:4) His robe, his armor, sword, bow and belt
4) What did Saul set David over? (18:5) the men of war
5) When The women were singing, how many men did they say Saul had killed? (18:7) thousands
6) When The women were singing, how many men did they say David had killed? (18:7) Tens of thousands
7) What was David doing when Saul threw a spear at him? (18:10) Playing the harp
8) Why was Saul afraid of David? (18:12) The Lord was with David and had left Saul
9) Who did Saul first offer to David as a wife? (18:17) His oldest daughter Merab
10) Who was Merab given to instead of David? (18:19) Adriel the Meholathite
11) Which of Saul's daughters loved David? (18:20) Michal
12) What dowry did Saul ask for his Daughter? (18:25) A hundred foreskins of the Philistines
13) How many Philistines did David kill to get the Dowry for Saul? (18:27) Two hundred

Giver vocab Ch 1-3 Giver Vocab Ch 1-3

Term Definition
Rasping (verb): scrape or grate with a rough tool
Distraught (adjective): mentally confused, bewildered
Distracted (adjective): turned away the mind or attention of
Wheedle (verb): to persuade with flattery
Nurturer (noun): one who takes care of, feeds
Disposition (noun): a person’s general way of acting
Transgression (noun): act or instance of breaking the law
Apprehensive (adjective): fearful about what may happen
Aptitude (noun): natural ability; talent
Chastise (verb): to punish; reprimand severely
Rarity (noun): person or thing that is uncommon
Palpable (adjective): able to be touched or felt
Petulantly (adjective): ill-humored; peevish
Bewilderment (noun): confusion or complete puzzlement
Nondescript (adjective): without interesting or striking characteristics